Monday, January 2, 2017

Weight Watchers Week 1: Back On This Again?

     I know what you all are thinking?  "Oh she's back at blogging again? How quaint."  You'd only be half wrong, or half right which ever side of the philosophical glass tickles your fancy.  

     Yes, it is true that I have returned to blogging.  It's been something I have been meaning to get back to for some time now. But you know, kids, life, blah blah blah.  However, I am also returning to another program and that is Weight Watchers.

     OMG shock and appall!  Valerie from A Beauty in the Chaos is fat?!  Yeah. Have been for quite some time. And while it's not something that I am particularly fond of, I don't let it define who I am.

     So what has changed, why start now?  Man, I don't know.  I know the program works for me, I have been successful with it in the past. Usually when I return, I feel confident and excited to start a new regime.  This time I just don't feel that sudden urge of motivation, I'm skeptical of my ability to stick with it.  I just feel like something needs to change, I need to change.  

      I want to be more active with my kids. That's probably the biggest motivation for this change.  A week ago we took our kids to the trampoline park, and I couldn't jump with them.  Not that I didn't want to, or that I didn't feel like it. I couldn't. As in they wouldn't let me. I exceeded the max weight limit. If there is something I hate more than being fat, it's being told "no".

    Forward to now, half way through my first week.  Grumbling and bitching to myself because I started right before New Years.  Which means in addition to the slightly starved feeling I always have the first week of the program (it clears up by the second week when I start making better choices), I also had to limit my drinks and refuse a bunch of delicious food at my family get together.  But, I AM getting through it, and staying on track.

     So, this is it. My lackluster introduction to my new weekly series following my progress!  Of course I will do my best to continue the monthly favorites posts and Pintertest series. I also hope to add in some posts where I review various recipes that I am trying out.  And of course if you have any feedback on something you would like me to try out, feel free to comment with your suggestion below!

     For now, adios!  I will be back on Thursday for my weekly weigh in and let you know the results of my first week.

P.S. Ah fuck I forgot this part of the damn series where I tell you my starting weight and such.

Ok, ok starting weight 342.4lbs.  I will give measurements out next week when I'm feeling a bit braver. You already got my starting weight! DON'T BE GREEDY! :)


You got this girl - we will grumble and starve through the pain together! Love love Love that you are blogging again <3

Thanks babe! In the past I have rarely felt hungry on Weight Watchers. Usually I feel like I am eating more than I am used to, or at least more often. Like I said it's always the first week, the week where I am most paranoid about my points that I feel restricted.

I didn't know you had a blog! Cool! You can do this!! I'll be here cheering you on!

Thank you Bria! Yeah, I have a "blog". As you can see, I am not great about keeping it up. But that is one of my goals in 2017. So hopefully there will be more.

Go Val go! I also just re-started WW. My mom and I did it together in 2008 (then I moved and gained 50 pounds).

You did? Want to be WW buddies? My username is HawkimamaV on WW Connect. Love to hear how you are doing!

This is awesome! I missed your beauty posts :-) You've got this with WW. My mom was a serial WW member and this is the longest she's stuck with it. She's been doing it for almost 2 years now and has found a lot of support in the group of women she's with this time around. She goes on Tuesdays to the one on Blairs Ferry Rd by Target I believe... Best of luck to you!

I go there too! Except I go on Thursdays, the group seems very supportive, although there aren't many women my age. That's ok though I can make friends with just about anyone.

And I do plan on picking back up with the beauty posts. I didn't realize they were so liked!

Yes! I'm earpel. I'm weighing in tomorrow, but so far I think I'm down 2 pounds.

Found you! And started following, good luck with weigh in! 2 lbs is good for one week.

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