Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween!

The whole gang at our local mall tick or treat event

      From our pack of crazy ghouls to yours we are wishing all of you a happy and safe Halloween!  This is our first year living in a neighborhood with trick or treaters, our kids loved answering the door and seeing all the costumes! Only our oldest seemed to grasp the concept of going door to door, the twins didn't care much for that part.

The twins didn't seem to care much for walking by the time we reached the end of the road. 

     Tonight I heard a fantastic idea for future Halloweens.  Painting a pumpkin teal and lighting it up to indicate that you have allergy-friendly alternatives for kids.  I made an effort to buy some cheap toys (pencils, bracelets, etc) in addition to candy this year to include kids who can not eat the candy.  Next year I'll include the pumpkin idea so families know to stop at our house.

The final result of our Halloween decor.  I got so many compliments on the ghost.
     Which means tomorrow I am headed to Walmart, Target and the likes to stock up on the Halloween toys, pencils and bags.  All hopefully on clearance.  Tonight, I snuggle in.  Hopefully the kids come down off the sugar highs, and I get to rest.



Monday, October 26, 2015

October Favorites!

    Hello everyone!  Is anyone wondering where in the hell October went? I feel like I JUST put up my Halloween decorations, I haven't even begun to work on my costume and when I looked at my calendar I realized this week will be the last post for October. That means it's time for October favorites and how does one pick favorites for a month she's not even sure occurred?  Never fear, there has been some picks that have stood out this past month.  And here they are:

Books: Doctor Sleep by Steven King

Doctor Sleep by Steven King available at Amazon or any book seller

     Sequel to The Shinning, my favorite Steven King book, and possibly one of my top 10 favorite novels of all time.  Doctor Sleep picks up with Danny Torrance, now a middle-aged man following in his father's footsteps of alcoholism.  Still haunted by the events in his past, he finds work at a local hospice helping the terminally ill by easing their fears as they pass on.  On his way to recovery, he meets and befriends a young girl named Abra who's powers dwarf his own.  When he discovers that Abra is being hunted by a group that call themselves the True Knot, Dan must face his demons to save her. 

    True to any Steven King novel, the character development in Doctor Sleep are detail rich and lengthy.  King's ability to so precisely paint a characters portrait in words is both his greatest achievement and his biggest downfall.  Often times I find myself really struggling with some of his work. Especially when the development of the characters don't seem to pertain to the overall plot of the novel.  That was not the case here.  

     Perhaps it's because Dan Torrance is already a character most readers are already somewhat invested in having already read (or watched) The Shinning.  More likely it's because here King does such a great masterful job in intertwining the development of the characters with the overall plot.  We understand the direct affect Dan's struggles with alcoholism has on the outcome of this girl's survival. Instead of being bored or annoyed with one of the many inner monologues they are welcomed, encouraged even as we root for Danny to overcome what has plagued him for so many years. 

    Finally what also makes this book stand out is it's ability to stand on it's own.  Yes, while it is a sequel, it is not a simple continuation of the story.  Those who have not read The Shinning, might miss out of some of the more nuanced references in Doctor Sleep, but they can still follow and enjoy the book.  


Movies/TV: The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead, Sundays at 8pm Central on AMC

     October saw the return of quite possibly my most favorite TV show of all time.  I struggled with making this one of my picks because it is so incredibly obvious and popular. There is really no way that someone could be reading this blog and think "my God.. what is this Walking Dead show she speaks of?  I must find out for myself!"

    No. I'm not introducing anyone to this show. We all know what it is, and what it's about.  If you like it, you already watch it.  If you don't, you have probably seen it and know it's not your particular brand of zombie survival goodness. 

     That being said  Oh. My. God.  Has there ever been a show that I both love and hate so much at the same time?  I can not think of one, not even a movie or book series.  Each week there is a high probability that I will be cursing at my television and solemnly swear that I will never watch this "stupid show" again.  Yet each following week there I am, frantically putting my children to bed so that I don't miss the beginning minutes of the new episode.  It's visual crack and I am addicted.  So you see, there is really no way that I couldn't make this my pick this month. 

Music: Monthly Mixed Tape Halloween Edition

     Mmmm Halloween.  Yes. While most think of 'holiday' music is limited to that of the Christmas variety, there are some audial gems that need to be celebrated come Halloween time.  Here is my must play list for the spooky season:

  1. Thriller - Michael Jackson no lie, this video and song scared the CRAP out of me as a kid
  2. I Put a Spell on You - Screamin' Jay Hawkins
  3. Season of the Witch - Donovan
  4. This is Halloween - The Nightmare Before Christmas the Burton/Elfman team had a love child with Dr. Seuss and the result was magical
  5. Werewolves of London -Warren Zevon 
  6. The Devil In I - Slipknot
  7. Cry Little Sister - Seasons After Yes, this is a cover of that song from The Lost Boys and yes, the video is tragically corny, but the song is good.
  8. Time Warp - Rocky Horror Picture Show
  9. Somebody's Watching Me - Rockwell
  10. Dragula - Rob Zombie  

Makeup: Makeup Geek's Matte Eyeshadow

Makeup Geek Matte Shadow Collection, $6.00 each at

    While one is overwhelmed in quality choices of shimmer and glitter shadows, if aging has shown me anything it's that a quality matte finish shadow that comes in a range of colors is a rare find.  Even high end brands can fall short when it comes to matte eye shadows, with formulas that are either chalky or hard to blend. 

   Imagine my surprise when I tested a selection from the  new line of matte shadows from Makeup Geek and found them to be not only well pigmented, but easy to work with and apply.  All for the very reasonable price of $6.00 per pot. Better yet, they come in a wide range of colors.

  Not that I should be surprised.  I am rarely disappointed with any of the shadows I have picked up from  Marlena, the brainchild of the Makeup Geek site and brand, has made it her goal to educate women on cosmetics. She regularly posts easy to follow makeup tutorials and product reviews (both high end and drugstore) on her YouTube channel.  The products she has helped develop are a good quality without being cost prohibitive and her site offers color swatches on both light and dark skinned models.  I'd highly recommend any of the Makeup Geek shadows to anyone who wants to expand out past what the drugstore has to offer, but doesn't want to make the financial commitment to high end brands. 

Home Decor: Pumpkin Pecan Waffles Candle from Bath & Body Works

3-Wick Candle in Pumpkin Pecan Waffles, $22.50 at

     I love fall scents. The warm notes that fill your house with woodsy outdoor scents or freshly baked goodies.  Mmmmm sometimes it makes me hungry...  

     Anyway,  Pumpkin Pecan Waffles is probably my favorite selection of the bunch as it has notes other than just the pumpkin spice.  The 3-wick  candles, available seasonally at Bath & Body Works ( can be pricey ($22.50) when not purchased during a sale. Thankfully there is usually a sale either ongoing or quickly coming up where they can be purchased at 2 for $24.00.

     Another more cost effective option is purchasing this scent in the wallflowers fragrance plug ($6.50 normally, 6 for $24 on sale).  Which is usually the route I go as I don't trust my kids or my cat around open flames.

     That is all I have for this month.  Thank you so much for stopping by!  As always, feel free to share your thoughts or your own pick for October in the comment section below.  Have something you think I should try out? Let me know - I might just write a post on it.  

See you next week! 


Thursday, October 22, 2015

DIY Glowing Halloween Ghost: Part 2 Final Results!


     Hi everybody!  I am so incredibly sorry that this is getting posted so late in the day.  Last night we had some crazy thunderstorms roll through, lost power for a bit, and it rained like mad. So I didn't get outside like I anticipated.  However, I was able to finish the ghost project and I am so excited with the results!

     Before we begin with the final part of the tutorial, I'd like to give a big shout out and thanks to my husband Akim.  Not only did he help me with much of this project, but when I got seriously frustrated with the torso (fun combinations of words were used) he assured me that it looked ok and encouraged me to continue on.  So thank you babe!

What You Will Need:

Everything shown can be found at your local discount or craft store

  • Packing tape
  • Monofilament (fishing line)
  • Plastic drop cloth (found in the painting section, the cheaper and thinner the better)
  • Cheese cloth
  • Light source (I picked this up at Walmart, you can use glow sticks or any directional light)
  • Scissors
  • "Ghost" Body (you can find directions for how to make this here)
     FYI the drop cloth and cheese cloth are strictly for decorative purposes  and not necessary for the function of this project.  If you so choose you can omit them, I am only including them as that is what I used to create this look.

Step 1: Hang the Ghost

Make a small hole at each location marked by an arrow - 4 holes total
     Using a pair of scissors, carefully cut a pair of holes on either side of each shoulder blade (I marked locations in the picture with green arrows. The holes do not need to be large, just big enough to thread the mono filament through.

Once tied off you will have a loop of filament though each shoulder to hang the ghost with
     Cut a long piece of monofilament (you can always shorten it later if needed) and thread each end through one of the holes in the shoulder.  Tie the ends together, and pull the slack back out so that the tied ends rest in the area of the shoulder between the holes.  Sorry I do not have a good picture of this, but to describe it differently you will end up with a large loop of filament, with a portion of it threaded through the shoulder of the ghost.  Do this for each shoulder.

Step 2: Decorate Your Ghost (optional)

Plastic drop cloth "skirt" secured with tape
     To extend the skirt of the dress, I cut a large piece of plastic drop cloth (didn't measure just eyeballed it) and draped it around the waist of the ghost.  I played with it a bit until I found a shape I liked and then taped it in place.  I didn't worry about it being even or anything like that, I only made sure there was some extra to pool on the ground.  It can get windy here in October and I anticipate anchoring the ghost at the base with some rocks and I wanted some extra "fabric" to hide them.

"Cloak" created by draping cheese cloth and securing with tape around the neck
      Next I started draping the cheese cloth to create a cloak-type look along the back and shoulders.  I didn't cut the cheese cloth to any particular shape, I just pulled it out of the package and tried out a few different ways of draping. When I decided on which way I liked best, I used packing tape to secure it in place.  

"Hood" also created with draped cheese cloth, secured with tape
      For the final part, I draped another piece of cheesecloth over the head to create a veil/hood-like look and then just let the rest of the cloth fall down the back adding another layer to the cloak.  Again I used packing tape to secure it in place.

Step 3: Light Up Your Ghost

LED spotlight used to light up ghost from below 

     If you have a directional/flood type light like I do, just plant the base at the bottom of the ghost and shine it up the torso.  I found this LED prism spotlight light at Walmart for relatively cheap and I personally think this type of light looks the best.  It has this cool swirling type effect which I think really adds to the overall look of the ghost, and you can keep the light source hidden down on the ground.   If you don't want to go that route, I have seen people use glow sticks to light up the ghosts (just activate them and tape them on the inside of the torso), I have also seen people use Christmas lights on a strand.  It's really up to you on what you want to use.

     That is it!  Thank you so much for stopping by and seeing how it all turned out!  When it dries up a bit outside I will get pictures of the whole scene and post them, it just wasn't going to work out today. If you like this project feel free to share on your own sites, feeds or whatever you use.  If you are feeling generous make a note for others to visit here.  And of course I would LOVE to see what you come up with on your own!  As always if you have any questions or comments, post them below or send them to my email at

See you next week!

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

DIY Glowing Halloween Ghost: Part 1

     Hello everyone!  As you may have guessed from my sneak peek image (and from the title of this post) this week I am showing you how I created a ghost for my Halloween graveyard. If you didn't see the sneak peek and wonder what I am talking about you can follow me on twitter at HawkimamaV. 

     I did not originally intend for this to be a two part post, but this project proved to be more time consuming than I originally anticipated ONLY because mass quantities of packing tape and small children do not mix. Something about the ripping sound of tape and the magical stickiness makes kids think "oh hey I'm gonna put this in my hair, on the wall, on the cat..." anywhere you DON'T want packing tape. I'm telling you now if you have small kids resolve yourself to only working on this project after the Littles go to bed. Consider yourself warned. 

     For this first part I'm going to show you how I made the main part of the ghost, the head and torso. Tomorrow's post will be about adding the details, how I am hanging/securing it outside, and lighting it up.  I will also include some photos of the graveyard scene and our outside decor, so make sure you check back to see the final result. 

What You Will Need:

This is what you will need for today's part of the tutorial:
  • Clear Packing Tape - at least two large rolls
  • Styrofoam Wig Head - you can find these at Hobby Lobby for $4.
  • Saran Wrap
  • Scissors
  • Pillow, dress form, or someone volunteering to be your "torso" 

Step 1: Wrap the Wig Head in Saran Wrap

Wig Head (bought at Hobby Lobby)

     Try to get it as tight as possible, covering all the surface of the Styrofoam. It does not need to be smooth, and the number of layers does not matter, although to keep the details of the nose, you may want to limit layers to 1 or 2.

Step 2: Apply 1st Layer of Tape Sticky Side UP

I added some tape around the chin/neck first, then started in on the top of the head

     I found the easiest way to work around the curves and details of the face, was to work with smaller/shorter pieces of tape vs longer pieces.  Lay the pieces down slightly overlapping each other creating one cohesive layer of stickiness covering the full head.  On tight curves and angles (nose, chin, neck, etc) feel free to fold the tape over on itself to mimic the shape in the tape. Again do not fear wrinkles and folds in the tape.  You do not want this to be perfectly smooth, the wrinkles will catch and reflect the light adding to the overall glow of the ghost.  It's more important to get a solid layer of tape that covers the entire shape. 

Step 3: Apply 2nd Layer of Tape Sticky Side DOWN

What it will look like after two layers of tape, note the wrinkles and folds

     In other words you are making a packing tape sandwich, with the adhesive sides being the tasty peanut butter middle.  Again for the head, it's best to work in smaller pieces, working slowly over the surface to ensure that there are no sticky parts left exposed. 

     For a time reference, I made the head while watching The Walking Dead, and Talking Dead.  So I spent roughly two hours just on this one part (the torso took far less time).  It was time consuming but I am far more pleased with this part of the project.  Spending the extra time was worth it. 

Step 4: Carefully cut the "Cast" Off the Head

Beginning of the incision, just wiggle the scissors under the tape

     Using a pair of scissors, I created a "T" cut.  The main vertical part extends up the back and the short horizontal slice is along the top of the head.  The tape layers are fairly sturdy, but if you use too much pressure it will rip along the parts you cut.  I found it best to gently fold the tape flaps back and ease the head out using a consistent and constant pressure. 

The vertical and horizontal cuts making the 'T' incision 

Step 5: Pull Off Remaining Saran Wrap and Tape Up

The 'cast' is fairly sturdy, use additional tape to close up the incision

     After the head cast is off the Styrofoam form, pull off any Saran wrap that is easily removed.  If some parts remain stuck to the tape, just leave them and cut off the excess.  "Stitch" the cut on the back of the head with packing tape, use at least two layers to keep it secure. You can reach the inside of the head via the bottom of the neck to cover up any exposed adhesive. 

Step 6: Create Your Torso Shape 

This is a king sized pillow, a standard pillow will work fine as I didn't use the full length

     I didn't feel like using a human model, nor do I have a dress form, so I created a vague torso shape using a pillow.  I simply tied a piece of saran wrap around the middle to create a waist.  In hindsight I do wish I had borrowed a dress form or found a human model as I think it would offer a better definition of shape, but this turned out fine too.

Step 7: Create the Torso Cast with Tape

Wrapping the tape around tightened up the form a bit, causing it to lose some shape. 

    Create the torso cast by following the same steps used for the head. Since there are fewer curves and details to work around, I sped things up by using larger pieces of tape.  The removal process was also the same as the head, I made a cut up the back and pulled the pillow out.  

     To attach the head, I cut a circular opening in the "shoulder" part of the torso. I then inserted the neck into that hole and secured it with pieces of tape.  I did this before stitching up the large cut on the backside of the torso so that I could place some tape on the inside. When in doubt add more tape! Just keep going until you have gone over the entire junction of the two pieces.  Doing so creates a surprisingly stable head. 

Triangle incisions made at the bottom to help flare out the base 
    This ghost will have a fuller skirt.  To start the beginning of that form, I made some triangle shaped cuts along the bottom of the torso, flared out the bottom, and added some additional tape to get a wider shape.  This isn't necessary, it's just something I am doing. If you want your ghost to be a man you can stop here or you can create some legs and attach those in the same manner I attached the head. 

Completed torso, it's fairly sturdy and very light

     That is it for this part.  Tomorrow I will continue with the skirt, some additional details and the hanging and lighting of the ghost.  If you have any questions on a particular part of this tutorial, please feel free to ask below in the comments.  I will do my best to answer/explain more of what I did.  Being a visual person myself, I tried to include photos where applicable, but unfortunately this project doesn't lend itself to easily being photographed.  

I will see you tomorrow!  

Monday, October 12, 2015

DIY: Gothic Halloween Wreath Tutorial

     Hi everyone!  And welcome to my favorite time of the year!  Yes, it is October and I can officially put up all my Halloween decorations without making the neighbors wonder if they need to put me on the neighborhood watch list (ha as if I am not there already).

     Today I wanted to share my tutorial for this Gothic Halloween wreath.  I was inspired to create this look by (surprise surprise) my time spent in Pere Lachaise.  Many of the monuments there had wreaths, both temporary (comprised of flowers) and permanent (carved into the stone, or cast in bronze).  I really wanted to keep the monotone look of the wreathes carved into the stone, but seeing as I am not a mason and my front door would not support a granite wreath... grapevine and flowers it was.

     So I settled for this kind of rotten, decrepit looking thing.  If you like what I have done, please feel free to share, or to take this idea and expand on it in your own unique way. The only thing I ask is that you share your creation back with me as I love seeing how people expand on ideas.

What You Will Need:

  • Grapevine wreath - any size, this is a 22" available at Hobby Lobby (remember your coupons and shop when floral is on sale)
  • Flower/Leaf stems - any kind, I chose 2 leaf stems and 2 Hydrangea looking ones.  Also available at Hobby Lobby or any craft store
  • "Scary Fabric" - this is literally what it was called, I got it in the Halloween section of Walmart.
  •  "Trick or Treat" sign - I think I picked this up at Homegoods for like $4, but you can find this or similar signs everywhere.
  • Plastic skeletons - picked these up at Target last year on clearance after Halloween.  I know they have something similar again this year. 
  • Flat black spray paint - you could use a gloss or a satin to achieve a different look, for this I chose the flat. 
  • Black zip ties (not shown)

Step 1: Spray Paint the Wreath and Flowers Black

    My motto when dealing with spray paint: don't be stingy and take your time. 10 super light coats will look better than 1 thick coat that drips or streaks. I probably could have gotten away with using just one can of spray paint, as I barely tapped into the second can.  However, I wanted to make sure I got everything coated evenly on the grapevine wreath so I went over it a few extra times. 

     For the flowers I used quick succession pulses of the spray paint, instead of one continuous spray. It kept the petals from sticking together too much.  Also while I was painting, I liked how a really light layer of paint would still allow the original colors through, it kind of gave the flowers a more rotted look, so I kept the paint light.  

Step 2: Drape the "Scary Fabric" Over the Wreath

     I only ended up using a fraction of the fabric that actually came in the package, so have a knife or a pair of scissors handy to cut off the extra.  There was no rhyme or reason to how I cut the fabric, or even how I draped it.  I just tried out a few different placements and stopped when I thought it looked cool.  Remember to keep the remaining fabric!  I'll probably re-purpose mine for our mantel decor.

Step 3: Attach the Sign

     My sign had these handy little wall hangers.  If your sign doesn't have them,  they are super cheap and easy to apply.  Or you can use hot glue to attach the sign.  I'd personally go the wall hanger route, as it was super easy to thread the zip ties through the hangers, and then just tie them onto the wreath.  

Step 4: Add the Flowers

     Just as I did with the fall wreath tutorial (you can find that post here), just shove the stem part of the leaves and flowers right into the grapevine. There should be enough braided material in the wreath to grab hold of the stems and keep them in place.  If you find yours is falling out, you can use a dot of hot glue to secure it.  

Step 5: Secure the Skeletons with Zip Ties

     I wanted to keep the skeletons pretty loose and pose-able, so I used a single zip tie around the spine.  If you wanted to keep the skeletons posed in a particular manner, you could easily use more zip ties to keep their arms and legs in one spot. It's entirely up to you. 

Step 6: Hang Your Wreath 

     I am assuming you already know how to do this, but it seemed like a good way to end the tutorial.  In case you are interested, I have a dual sided wreath hook that hangs over the top of our door.  I love these types of hooks as I can easily remove the hook when necessary.  Also it makes a convenient location to "store" whatever permanent sign or wreath you usually have displayed on the interior side of the door.  I currently have the fall wreath I created hanging inside, as I will put that one back out once Halloween has passed.

     Thank you all for visiting!  I'd truly love to see what you all come up with for your own homes!  Please feel free to share your comments and include links to pictures or blogs showcasing your designs!  See you next week!  

Thursday, October 8, 2015

In This Moment, Papa Roach, Five Finger Death Punch Concert Review

    Hey everyone!  I'd like to start off the post with saying that I am by no means a professional music critic.  If you are looking for an in-depth article on how each band performed, how the sound was balanced for the venue and so on, this probably isn't the article for you.

    However if you are looking for a low-key, honest opinion of a music lovers experience at a show, stay around and  we can have a good conversation.  Also - I apologize for the photographs.  I know they aren't quality work, but hey its dark, people are moving, lights are flashing and I'm a short girl in a crowd using her phone.  Give me some slack.

   The line-up of the concert we saw was From Ashes to New, In this Moment, Papa Roach, and Five Finger Death Punch.  Because I have 3 kids and can never get out of the house at a reasonable time, we missed From Ashes to New. Since I can not give an honest review on something I didn't see, I am skipping over that part.  I am not intentionally ignoring them, or hating, keep your panties out of a bunch if you are a huge From Ashes to New fan.

In This Moment 

     Out of the entire lineup this was probably the band I was most excited to see.  While I like some of their earlier work (most notably 'Lost at Sea',  a fantastic track proving Maria Brink's skills as a singer), 'Black Widow' is the album that has really caught my attention.  

In This Moment performing 'Blood' 

    Maria Brink is a somewhat polarizing character in the metal world, she is both loved and hated for use of her sex appeal and stage theatrics.  She is often described as rock's version of Lady Gaga, a description that does a great disservice to Ms. Brink (I think she has more to say than her pop counterpart), although I do understand the analogy. 

'Sex Metal Barbie' complete with podium, glittery top hat, and decapitated Barbie head

    Say what you want about her, but the lady demands attention on the stage.  The sets were switched between every song, as well as Brink's wardrobe and that of her backup dancers.  The sets recalled popular images from the band's music videos, each providing context for the song being played.   Brink's energy was palpable, straddling (in latex and heels no less) the fine line between femininity and the hardness required of the genre.

'Big Bad Wolf' Brink's screams and vocals were strong during the physical performance

  Overall the band sounded great, there was little interaction with the crowd, or even between band members which is something I'd like to see more of, however realize it may not be feasible with the included downtime in changing sets. 

The final song 'Whore' got a brief into regarding the song's inspiration

Papa Roach

     I saw Papa Roach opening for Korn back in the summer of 2000.  'Infest' had just come out, and although 'Last Resort' was the only song I was familiar with, the show blew me away.  Jacoby Shaddix was a beast on stage, he completely stole the show from both Powerman 5000 and Korn (Jonathan Davis despite sounding good was surprisingly boring to watch).

Shaddix engaged with the crowed and band members alike

    Needless to say I was both excited and apprehensive to see them again 15 years later.  Would the intensity still be there?  Had passed time somehow caused me to remember it being better than what it really was?  No - my memories were accurate.  The band sounded phenomenal, truly an act that sounds every bit as good live as they do on their records. 

At the half way point, Shaddix and guitarist Jerry Horton performed an acoustic version of 'Scars' amidst the crowd

   Jacoby's intensity remained as strong as I remembered.  The source of the intensity may have changed.  Fueled before by what seemed like rage, it's source now seems to be a man who just f-king loves what he does.  The crowd understood what they were witnessing and responded to it.  It was a fantastic show. 

Maria Brink joins Papa Roach on stage to perform 'Gravity'

Five Finger Death Punch

   Admittedly I did not know what to expect from this show.  Personally I am a fan of FFDP's more radio friendly material (yeah, yeah I know take your shots), and some of the recent controversy in the media just kinda left me unsure of what I was going to see. 

One of the few times the members were all together and holding still

   I was wrong.  There's no other way of saying that.  The more "commercial" songs are still my favorites - I don't care how many die hard metal fans want to argue the credibility of 'The Bleeding' it's still an awesome song as far as I'm concerned.  But what I saw was one of the most crowd driven, fan appreciative concerts I have ever seen.  

Lead guitarist Jason Hook and Moody perform an acoustic 'Wrong Side of Heaven'

  And it was kid appropriate too.  That's not to say that it wasn't loud, or the language toned down, it wasn't.  But Ivan Moody took his time to personally greet as many kids as he could see in the crowd.  During one part of the show he invited kids and their families up on stage to watch a song, and then proceeded to take pictures with each of those who requested it. 

Moody invited kids and their families up on stage for 'Burn MF'

   Regarding the controversy, it was only addressed in the form of thanking fans for continuing to support them despite what may have been said in the media.  There was no arrogance in the comment, no persuading to see a specific side, just  pure gratitude for a fan base that came to see them.  
The crowd's response to the show waiting for 'The Bleeding' 

   Ultimately that is the kind of attitude that wins me over as a fan.  There are some prime examples where bands have alienated their fans by becoming arrogant elitist jerks, ultimately losing their following.  Five Finger Death Punch is a band that despite their increased popularity, has maintained their appreciation for those who support them.  It was an incredible show to see if only because as an attendee I was made to feel like they truly appreciated me being there.  

   So overall I give the lineup a solid A.  Each band definitely had their own style and attitude.  It contrasted enough that it didn't all kind of blend together as some lineups do.  The crowd was great and responsive which also contributes greatly.  If you ever get an opportunity to see any of these band, I do highly recommend it based off of what I saw. 


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