Monday, November 23, 2015

Storytime Life Update

      Ever have one of those days where your mind just checks out?  Not just an "oh I don't feel like doing much" kind of day, but one of those "I am really trying and evidently I have forgotten how to chew" kind of checking out.  The kind that makes you wonder if you have a tumor in your cerebral cortex.
     I am having that kind of day.  Although day isn't an accurate designation of time.  I am having that kind of month.  The lights are on, but there is no one home.  After Halloween my brain dropped mic, and left the building.  No two weeks notice, no goodbye note telling me when he'd return. Nothing. What an asshole.

     For a bit I was sustaining a functional household purely on technology.  After all, why do you need to remember things when you have a computer that will give you names, numbers, dates and deadlines?  I could fake my way through a day, remembering most important appointments and required events.  Then 3 critical events occurred.

     1. We sold our old house.  We have been living with two mortgages and getting this one off our hands is nothing short of a Christmas miracle.   However, if you have ever been through the process of buying or selling a house you know the month of closing is a jungle of negotiations, assessments, inspections and paperwork. It's a mess and living an hour and a half away from said house (and other involved party members) makes it more so.

     2. Our computer decided to take a dump.  That's right, my lifeline to a functioning day (since old cerebrum decided to split) just stopped working.  I guess the strenuous schedule of signing legal documents, writing a blog, and playing minecraft just became too much for him, as he just declared "Sayonara bitches" and refused to boot up. With him he took my notes on future blog posts, all our family photos, and my sanity.  Edit: we have since recovered the files from the hard drive including the photos and notes.  My sanity has yet to be found.

     3. My husband left town for business.  This wasn't unplanned, we knew it was coming. It was just shit timing given everything else.  I think my adventures in single parenting was the final straw that knocked over this house of cards.

    So here I am now, sitting in front of a new computer screen.  I apologize for missing last week's post, but blogging from my phone just wasn't going to happen.   Also I just have now pieced together from various phone calls with my Dad and my recovered Google calendar that THIS THURSDAY is indeed Thanksgiving, not next week (which is what I have been telling myself for about 10 days now). When did that happen?

     What's my point in all of this?  I don't know.  I don't have one.  Maybe if I could make up one it would be that if you ever come across someone whether it be the cashier, waitress, customer, coworker, whomever and they clearly don't have all their marbles at the time...give them a break.  Even if they did just unload a whole cart of stuff at Target only to discover that oops their wallet is still on the kitchen table at home (yep that happened).

     We get so wrapped up in our own lives, our own struggles and demands that so often we overlook what's really important.  We end up treating one another horribly and why?  Because they slightly inconvenienced us?  Did the extra 10 seconds that person stayed stopped at the green light break your day?  Did the mother who forgot her wallet at Target ruin your life?  No.

     If my checking out has shown me anything, it's that I can spend a WHOLE MONTH doing nothing but inconveniencing myself through sheer forgetfulness and my life is still doing just fine.  If missing two weeks of guitar lessons, blog posts, doctor appointments hasn't derailed my life, someone getting a price check at the 10 items or less register certainly isn't going to.  

      Anywho, next week I shall return.  Hopefully my brain will be back from what ever spirit walk it's gone on and next week's post will be more engaging.  I do have some goodies to share with you all, and I have a special surprise coming in the mail (Spoiler: its the Urban Decay x Gwen Stefani palette).  Hope to see you then!



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