Monday, November 2, 2015

October Ipsy vs. Boxycharm: Unboxing and 1st Impressions

     Hello everyone, and welcome to November!  To start off this month I want to try something different than I have done before and share what I have received in my Ipsy and Boxycharm subscription boxes.

     If you are unfamiliar with beauty subscriptions, the down and dirty explanation is that you fill out a questionnaire and based on the answers provided you are sent a box of surprise goodies each month. Depending on the service to which you subscribe, the goodies may be sample or full sized and be drugstore or high-end brands.  It's a really fun way to try out new brand and products that you haven't heard of or may be reluctant to buy on your own.

     I subscribe to two of these boxes, Ipsy and Boxycharm.  They are probably two of the more well known beauty subscriptions.  If you are interested in either of these, I have links to each service in my favorites tab here.  I pay for these boxes myself and any referrals I make with those links just awards me points to get additional products.  You can chose to use those links or not, it's up to you.


October Ipsy Glam Bag "Alter Ego" 

     The Ipsy subscription is $10 a month.  There is always a little cosmetic bag included and usually contains 4-5 products.  The products are more often than not sample sizes and are a good mix between high end and drug store products.

     This month (October's box) the theme was Alter-Ego.  It came with a duo-sided bag one side a metallic gold and the other a shiny black vinyl.  The products it contained were:
  • It Haircare 12-in-1 Amazing Leave-in Treatment - full size
  • LeeAnni Eco Go Away Gloomy Day Skin booster - Sample 0.5fl oz 
  • MICA Beauty Cream Eyeshadow in Bronze - full size
  • Girlactik Beauty Precise Eyeliner Marker in Black - full size
  • the Balm Meet Matt(e) Hughes Liquid Lipstick in Committed - sample 0.04fl oz
     I was pretty surprised by this month's Ipsy bag.  Usually I get more sample sizes with this subscription and the majority here are full sized products. I am most excited to try out the liquid lipstick and the eyeliner.  The pinky-nude color of the lipstick is one of my favorite day to day colors, and it has a strong minty smell that I also really like.  The eyeliner I am interested in experimenting with as I do not have a lot of liquid type eyeliners.

the Balm Meet Matt(e) Hughes Liquid Lipstick in Committed
    The eyeshadow color is nice.  I don't often wear this color of bronze as it pulls really orange on my skin.  I also don't wear cream eyeshadow all that often so we will see how this one goes.  I really like that I got a full size bottle of the leave in treatment for my hair.  Often times sample sizes for hair products do not give me enough uses to determine if I really like it or not.  

MICA Beauty Cream Eyeshadow in Bronze

    The skin boost I could take or leave.  I don't really understand what it's primary goal is other than to "boost skin" whatever that means.  It's an organic product with no preservatives which I know is a bonus for a lot of people.  There is warning on the side of the bottle that states it should be discarded within 6 months of purchase.  That kind of turns me off as I am currently trying out some other skincare items and I don't want this to expire by the time I get around to trying it. 


October Boxycharm "Faces of the Moon"

     Boxycharm costs $21 a month.  So it is twice the cost of the Ipsy subscription.  However this is almost entirely high-end makeup and a lot of it is full sized.  In fact every thing I got this month is a full sized product.  A nice thing that Boxycharm does, that Ipsy does not do is tell you how much the price of the full sized product is.  So you can keep a running total of how much you have spent vs how much the box is "worth" to you.

     This month's theme was Faces of the Moon and it included the following products:
  • Palmetto Derma Rejuvenating Antioxidant Mask - full size - $64.00
  • Doucce Punk Volumizer Mascara  - full size - $24.00
  • Bellapierre Cheek and Lip Stain in Coral - $19.99
  • Lord & Berry Line/Shade Eyeliner - full size - $18.00
  • Cult Cosmetics Nail Polish - full size - $12.00
     So as you can see the value of the products you get far exceed the cost of the subscription box, which is nice if you want to try a number of high end products without fully investing in the cost.  I am probably the most excited for the Palmetto mask.  At $64.00 it is not something I would have ever bought myself, but it actually looks really nice and it smells fresh.  

     The mascara and the blush look interesting. I don't have much experience with the creme blush formula so there may be a bit of experimenting to do.  It may have to wait until spring as the coral color, while pretty, just looks better suited for spring/summer.   I love trying out high end mascaras but very rarely do I purchase them as I find that for my lashes drug store formulas work just as well. 

Bellapierre Cheek and Lip Stain in Coral 
      I am not very interested in this eyeliner.  It's a basic black pencil liner, not particularly dark.  It blends out very easily, which I am sure is due to it also being promoted as a shade, but I know for my eye type it means it will not stay put and most likely run.  

   So that is all that I got.   I know everyone gets something different depending on what their answers were on the questionnaires.  It would be cool to hear what others got in their boxes, if you would like to share you can put it in the comments below.  Thank you all so much for stopping by and I will see you next week!  


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