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Holiday Palette Reviews: Smashbox, Tarte, Buxom

     Ah November, a beauty junkie's favorite time of the year, and the bane of their bank account.  Yes, the holiday palettes and gift sets are out and just begging for an impulse purchase.  Teasing us with their limited edition colors and quantities.

     This year I tried to do better.  Well, ok by "better" I mean I tried not to get just a boatload of eye shadow palettes, but rather select a palette from each category of eyes, lips and face.  It had varied results, there are just too many tempting eye shadow palettes out there.  However today, I will stick to my original plan and share my thoughts on one from each category (I will have more in upcoming posts I promise).

Smashbox ART. LOVE. COLOR. Master Class - $65.00

Smashbox ART. LOVE. COLOR. Master Class package inspired by artist Yago Hortal

     Available exclusively at Sephora, this years Master Class palette is inspired by artist Yago Hortal and his colorful designs. The kit comes with 32 Photo Op formula eye shadows in a 0.025oz size, 6 blushes that are 0.05oz, and 2 highlighters that are 0.07oz but look the same size as the blush.  It also comes with a set of 8 instructional cards as well as a small bio on Yago Hortal. 

Smashbox Master Class palette opened up, each tray is removable with names printed on clear covers

     The packaging is rather interesting.  The design is beautiful and very colorful, but rather bulky and not what I would call travel friendly. The products are located in two plastic trays which remind me of CD cases.  The trays are removable (which would be better for travel), and have the names printed on the clear covers which snap shut.  When open the palette lays flat, which is helpful as it is not held easily in one hand during application.  There is no mirror (I don't know where they would have put one) but again, it makes it less travel friendly.

Left Picture: left to right Posy Pink (cheek), Naked, Charmed, Candy, Framboise
Right Picture: left to right Java, Oxidize, Nutmeg, Alabaster, Sunset (cheek)

     I picked this palette up as a possible alternative to the Kat Von D palette that is sold out every time I go to Sephora.  I don't have much in the way of colorful eye shadow (most of what I own is akin to the Naked palettes by Urban Decay), and I was looking for an introduction to some brighter colors. As an introductory palette, I think this works nicely.  If you are someone more experienced and wanting intensely pigmented colors, I don't think you will be happy with this palette. 

Left Picture: left to right Persimmon (cheek), Custard, Torch, Goldenrod, Gold
Right Picture: left to right Gypsy, Spruce, Zoom, Sea, Glow (highlight)

    The color selection and formula is... safe for lack of a better word.  The formula is very soft (it will kick up powder when you dip into it) and blends out easily when applied dry.  The result is more of a wash of color rather than an intense bold application.  Which is great for beginners who want to ease into color.  The colors can be built up or used wet to achieve a bolder look, but it will take some extra work.  In that sense I don't find this a suitable alternative to palettes like the  Kat Von D where the pigmentation is more intense and less forgiving. 

Left Picture: left to right Bitten (cheek), Sky, Nile, Azure, Pacific
Right Picture: left to right Harbor, Steel, Cement, Cosmic, Prism (cheek)

   There are a few shades in this palette that I did not like at all.  Charmed, Sea, Cosmic and Silver Moon which are the chunkier, more glittery shades.  I would imagine that use of a glitter shadow glue would help with application. But seeing as I so infrequently want a glittery look, the extra work isn't worth it for these shades.  Everything else did apply smoothly and evenly, including the blush and highlight shades.  As I mentioned before they do kick up some powder, so just be sure to tap the excess of the brush to avoid some fallout during application. 
Left Picture: left to right Plum (cheek), Breeze, Celestial, Eggplant, Orchid
Right Picture: Ebony, Smoke, Silver Moon, Snow, Shimmer (highlight)

Tarte Bling It On Amazonian Clay Blush Palette - $44.00

Tarte Bling It On Amazonian Clay Blush Palette 

     Available exclusively at Sephora, this year's Tarte blush palette features 4 limited edition blushes (Dollface is the only one featured in the permanent line).  The full size, stand alone blushes cost $28.00 a piece and are 0.20oz. The blushes in this palette are 0.15oz and there is 5 of them, meaning the palette contains roughly $105.00 worth of product.  For this reason the Tarte blush palettes are always big sellers each holiday season. 

Tarte Bling It On palette blushes in Fetching, Dollface, Prim, Smashing, and Beaming

    The packaging is a slim and the cover is magnetized.  There is a decent sized mirror inside making it travel friendly.  The only thing I do not like is the black glitter on the outside.  While it looks very pretty, the glitter flakes can easily falls off and with continued use I imagine it will get worse. 

Tarte Bling It On blushes left to right Fetching, Dollface, Prim, Smashing and Beaming

    Personally I am a big fan of Tarte's Amazonian clay blushes.  They are well pigmented do last a considerable bit of time on me.  The color goes on semi-sheer and can be built up.  For us fair skinned ladies this is super helpful as it helps prevent the dreaded clown face. 

     The colors featured this year are very flattering and easy to wear.  The only shade I do not like is beaming as it has chunky silver glitter in it.  Why would they ruin a beautiful peach shade with silver glitter?  Who knows.  Maybe someone can use it as a highlight?  Not this lady.   The remaining 4 shades all have a matte or satin finish.

Buxom Leave Your Mark Full-On Lip Polish & Lip Cream Set - $59.00

Buxom Leave Your Mark Full-On Lip Polish & Lip Cream Set Packaging

     Again available exclusively at Sephora (I swear this post is not sponsored lol), this set features 8 mini sized lip polishes and 8 mini sized lip creams.  Each of the minis are 0.07 fl. oz and come with the standard doe foot applicator.  For comparison a full size of one of these lip glosses is 0.15 fl oz and cost $19.00. 

Buxom Lip Gloss swatches left to right: Hot Toddy, Bunny, Cherry Flip, Taylor, Dolly, Jennifer, Sophia, Purple Haze

     For those who have never tried a Buxom lip product before, the formula of these glosses feature a menthol derivative that gives the gloss a minty scent/taste and creates a tingling/cooling feeling on the lips.  The formula is very smooth and the tingling/cooling feeling does last for a bit on the lips.  It doesn't burn, but it is noticeable.  The best I can describe it is when you eat a strong mint like an Altoid or Life-Saver and you suck air in.  That cool tingle?  That's how your lips will feel.  I personally love it, but know some girls that are bothered by it. 

Buxom Lip Gloss swatches left to right: Zoe, Starr, Sandy, White Russian, Berry Blast, Olivia, Pink Lady

    Each of the colors in this kit are also in the permanent line.  There are no exclusive or limited edition shades featured, so if you fall in love with a particular color you should be able to get a full sized version.  True to most glosses, these offer a general wash of color but are not intensely pigmented.  The polishes feature anywhere from a fine shimmer (Sophia, Sandy) to a chunky glitter (Oliva, Starr).  The glitter doesn't affect the feel of the gloss, but I have found it does hang out on your lips after the product has worn off.  The creams are a flat glossy color and feature no shimmer or glitter. 

    Overall, this is a nice lip gloss set.  Is there anything super amazing or special about it? Other than the large sampling of colors, no.  I purchased this mainly because loving the glosses already, I wanted to expand my color options without purchasing the full sizes.  If you know that a bunch of these colors aren't going to work for you, or you don't like the glitter in the polishes, you might be better off purchasing a smaller holiday set or a few individuals in the full sizes. 

That is all I have for today.  Like I mentioned previously there will probably be another post in the near future with reviews on some other palettes I picked up (nothing big though, these were the main three I purchased this year).   Thank you all for stopping by and I will see you next week! 


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