Saturday, September 19, 2015

September Favorites!

      Howdy all!  I had every intention of trying to film this weekend just to try out a different style of blogging, but the kiddos has absolutely no interest in cooperating and making that happen. Amelia even figured out how to climb up out of her crib this past week.  So we have been in a special kind of hell while Dad is gone (lucky bastard).

      I only have a few short days left at home before I make a run for it, so I thought it would be a great time to share some of my favorite picks for September.  As a side note none of these choices are specific to September or particularly new.  It's just some things I am digging this month.

Books: Ready Player One

     Very few books I like well enough to read more than once.   This is my third time through Ready Player One.  I am kinda "cheating" here as I am actually listening to it on Audible ( for a free 30 day trial - it is SO worth it).  But I actually HIGHLY recommend listening to this book (versus reading) as it is narrated by the adorable Will Wheaton, who may very well be every nerdy girls' crush in the 90s. Admit it you watched Star Trek: TNG for Wesley and SeaQuest for Jonathan Brandis (don't judge).

     Anyway, I digress, Ready Player One is the futuristic tale where much of life is spent in an virtual  reality world called OASIS.  The creator of this utopia hid puzzles within it's world, promising fortune and glory to the person who could find and solve the puzzles first.  Enter in the main character Wade, a down on his luck teenage boy who has dedicated his minimal resources to finding the initial clues.   

    As a fair warning, this book is FILLED to the brim with pop culture references.  Sometimes they span on for pages.  For someone who spent much of her childhood watching movies, this was a fun trip down nostalgia lane.  For others who may not get all the references, this might be a bit tedious.  Even still the story is fun, fairly fast paced, and is single-handedly responsible for my World of Warcraft addiction. 

Movies/TV: The X-Files 

      So you may have heard, but Fox has officially announced that they are bringing The X-Files back for a limited episode running.  It probably isn't "normal" how excited I was when I heard this news.  So excited, that I decided to go back and re-watch the original 8 seasons (they are currently streaming on both Netflix and Amazon Prime).  

     Yes, the special effects have aged a bit, and the technology outdated (I laughed at the brick cell phones they carry around).  But Mulder is still the stuff of dreams, and the developing relationship between Mulder and Scully watched now as an adult is so much more nuanced.  I find myself appreciating episodes that focused more on the characters themselves rather than the creepy paranormal episodes I preferred at a younger age. 

Music: Monthly Mixed Tape! 

   Asking me to pick one band, or one song, even just one album is akin to asking me to pick my favorite child...I could perhaps narrow it down to... LOL just kidding!  Picking a favorite song is WAY harder than picking a favorite child :P  So each month I thought I'd share some of what I am listening to and a link for you to check them out yourself!  Enjoy! 

2. I'm Not Jesus - Apocalyptica ft. Corey Taylor (
4. The Bleeding - Five Finger Death Punch (
5. The City Ignites - 36 Crazyfists (
7. Lost at Sea - In This Moment (
8. Drown - Theory of a Deadman (


     My friend Amanda set this up and I have to share it, because I find this idea so absurdly BRILLIANT! I am a sucker for funny pictures of pets, and if those pets are featuring something that looks like Donald Trump hair, then it's straight up irresistible! I am going to try and "trump" our cat Boo, we will see how that goes. I'd love to see her site get some traffic and have some pics submitted to her - let's make this happen! 

Makeup: Cover FX Custom Cover Drops

    This is a relatively new product that I have been using this month and I can not talk it up enough.  These drops are a pure pigment that you mix into a moisturizer or primer of your choice, essentially making a custom foundation mixed precisely for what your needs are.  There are a ton of shades available, and shades can be combined for even more variation.  I found myself typically using 2 drops mixed in with one pump of my primer (Kat Von D Lock-It Featherweight Primer).  The foundation wears really well and mixing it hasn't added any additional time to my routine.  Now instead of putting on primer and waiting for that to dry before applying foundation, I just do it all in one.   The only thing I am not a fan of, is the packaging is made of glass.  I know one of these days that is going to be shattered on our tile floor.

Fashion: Flannel Shirts

     OK can we just take a minute and discuss how awesome it is that there is a resurgence of all things 90s?  I could have done without the past two summers filled with 80s neon colors, neon orange is a color that should only be worn by traffic cones.  But flannel?  THAT is a trend I can get behind!

I'd love to hear some feedback on this type of post!  Is it something I should stay with doing once a month? Hopefully next time I can get some video!  I'd also love to hear what your picks are for the month of September, if there is something you think I should check out please tell me about it in the comments!

See you next week!!


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