Tuesday, September 1, 2015

5 Reasons to Put ColourPop in Your Life

Have you heard of ColourPop? Chances are that you have not. Unless you live part of your life on beauty blogs and YouTube like I do (hey I have to actually do something when I'm hiding in the bathroom from my kids).  Only available at www.ColourPop.com, this brand is a relative newbie on the beauty scene, but what an impression it is making. Below I have assembled the top 5 reasons why I feel you should check out this brand and some swatches to show you some of the products.

1. It's Cheap

Not in the "I found this in the clearance bin. It doesn't quite match but I'm gonna make it work because it was only 50 cents" kind of way.  But rather in the "I can buy a decent amount of this and still afford my car payment" kind of way.  A single eye shadow or lippy (lipstick), or lip pencil  will set you back $5.00, a blush or highlighter will cost you $8.00.  That's right at, or just below what I usually pay for drugstore brand makeup (L'Oreal, Maybelline, etc).  Plus when you first shop at the site, they give you a $5.00 gift code for signing up for the newsletter.  Hello free product! The cost is even more impressive when you consider the next two reasons...

2. The Formula is Good

Really good. The pigmentation is superior to most drugstore brands, and the products wear evenly with minimal creasing or fading.  The lipsticks (especially the mattes) are a smooth but heavier formula for longer lasting wear. I found them to be a little bit on the dry side if worn alone, but paired with a lip balm or gloss they were perfectly comfortable.  The formula for the shadows and blushes are what is truly unique.  When touched they feel like a cream or gel, but when applied they blend like a powder.  The result is a product that requires less building up of layers to achieve a saturated color, while also being blendable enough that even the most mistake prone (raises hand) can apply worry free.  Because of this unique consistency I found it best to apply first with my fingers, then blend out with a brush or sponge.  It may seem awkward at first, but again mistakes are easily blended away.

3.  Made in the U.S.A.

That's right, in our very own country.  They are also cruelty-free. Admittedly I am not the most discerning person when it comes to the location of cosmetic manufacturers.  I usually make decisions based on how a product works for me, not where it was manufactured.  But given the option to purchase products I like AND help support jobs here in America all while keeping the animals out of the latest lip trends...well that just gives me the warm fuzzy feelings.

4. Fun Color Selection

Have you been looking for a lime green shadow?  How about a deep purple lippy?  If your answer is yes, then ColourPop is for you.  The colors range from tame neutrals to extreme neon with a good selection of finishes as well.  Given the relatively small cost, this brand is a great source to tap into when wanting to try out a new trending look without breaking the bank.

5. They Appreciate Their Customers

In the delivery of each and every order I've made I have received a hand written thank you card with a fun little saying.  I still remember my very first order's card said "You are a beautiful cupcake in a world full of muffins." Cheesy? Yes.  Did it work? Oh hell yes!  Gone are the days where a company actually makes you feel like you did them a solid for shopping with them.  More and more often I don't even get a packing slip, much less one that had a computer write out a generic "thanks for your order". So to get an actual hand written thank you? That demonstrates to me that they take that extra step to show how much they appreciate their customers, and that is something that will win me over time and time again.

Ok do I have you convinced yet?  How about I show you some of my personal favorites from their collection.

Eye Shadows 

Acorn: A cool-toned light beige with a pearlized finish.

Bill: Muted plum-beige in a matte finish.  This is my all time favorite transition color for my crease.

Cricket: Metallic finish mid-tone plum with glitter.  

Doe-A-Deer: A deep almost black violet color in a matte finish.  I love this for smoky looks.

Downtown: Cool-tone deep taupe color in a matte finish.

Fairfax: Matte finish deep brown.  I love this as a liner and to smudge out my lower lash line. 

Girl Crush:  A mid-tone gray color in a matte finish.  Another neutral color (seeing a trend?)

I Heart This:  Taupe with multi-color glitter.  Don't let the glitter scare you, in this shade it's a muted  
                       sparkle and very pretty on the lid.  Also I dropped the container, hence it being broken.

La La:  Described as a a rose gold with an ultra metallic finish, I find that this comes off more  
             coppery on my skin tone.  Still a beautiful color for warm summer looks. 

Mittens: A deep warm brown in a matte finish.  Great color to deepen a warm look with.  

Liberty:  A true silver in the ultra-metallic finish.  This is literally like liquid tin-foil on your eyes.  
               The picture does it no justice.

Bubbly: Candy pink color with silver and pink glitter. Admittedly I don't wear this one much, it is 
              very pretty, just not my color. 

Lippie Stix 

Cookie: Nude beige in a matte finish. 

Corset: A pink lavender color in the hyper-glossy finish.  I loved this color this past summer. 

Lumiere:  My favorite lippie so far!  It's a dusty mauve pink and I can only describe it as a nude pink                  with a little something extra.  It's in the matte finish and lasts a good while on my lips. 

Westie: Dusty baby pink in a matte finish. 

Tootsie: A matte greige (gray beige) color.  I bought this at the beginning of summer and have not 
              used it much.  I think it's better suited for fall. 


Between The Sheets: Mid-toned beige pink in a matte finish.  A good neutral color for adding just a                                      bit of warmth to your cheeks.  

Trickery:  Don't let the bright orange color fool you.  This is actually a pastel peach color with a satin                  finish (the finish doesn't show well in the photo).  This was my first attempt at coral colors                  on my cheeks, and I was really happy with the results (not clownish at all).

Smokin' Whistles:  This is a highlighter in a cool-toned pink champagne.  As someone with aging                                       skin I am super picky about my highlighters.  I love this one.   It is very finely                                       milled with no chunky glitter. It's really a nice color for the fair skinned ladies.  


Disclaimer:  All products featured were purchased by myself and opinions on products are my own.  This post is in no way sponsored, paid for or influenced by ColourPop. 


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